What is the cost range of a whole house system?

The Energy and Entertainment systems would have complete installed totals similar to that of a hot tub or other modest home improvement. If you call the number on this website, we can schedule an initial meeting and generate a “ball park” price quote.

Why do people love their home theater?

Home theater offers stunning picture quality and true movie theater experience right in your home. We can help if you are converting an already finished, frequently used room or if you are starting from scratch with a basement or empty room. We’ll be happy to work with your interior designers or contractors.

Our Home Theaters create that environment, our electronics ensure that what you see matches what you hear and our expertise ensures that you will have an escape from the troubles and stress in your world. Sometimes, some of our clients retreat to their theater and don’t even turn the system on.

We can create an experience unlike anything outside a movie theater. To learn more, schedule a design consultation or call (435) 783-5840.

Why Home Automation?

Technology should simplify your life. Home automation should entertain you, keep you comfortable and accommodate every lifestyle. Reduce your energy costs without sacrificing personal comfort when it comes to heating and cooling your home of business.

Why you would want a Home Alarm System?

Other than being a deterrent to potential burglars a security system can also alert that something is happening inside your house such as a fire. When using smoke and heat detection in conjunction with a home security system emergency services can be contacted as soon as the smoke detector emits the first beep. This could save time and a lot more. Another benefit of a home security system is usually a discount can be applied to homeowners insurance.

How long will it take to install?

Based on the scope of work performed we will work with designer or contractor to provide a quick, clean install.

Why choose High Definitions, Inc?

Life-long relationships are the source of success for High Definitions, so your total satisfaction is of utmost importance. Service starts with the conceptual planning of your new system. Our designers are trained in many disciplines and offer expertise and insight gathered from of 40 years of experience. Personal attention to details and client concerns is a duty that High Definitions takes seriously. From the initial stages of planning to personal training on how to operate your system, you get all the attention you deserve.

The notion that a custom system is more expensive than chain store purchased components could not be further from the truth. With you future needs in mind, our designers explain the pros and cons of existing and future technologies in coherent language and assist you in the purchasing process. Competitor prices are constantly monitored to assure the greatest value. With system, cabinet design, training and unparalleled service included in your system purchases, High Definitions is clearly your best economical choice.

We Work On All Systems and are Eager to Take on Orphans!

Can we get a few options now and add on to our system later?

Absolutely, as an established local provider seeking a long term relationship, a high percentage of our business is from referrals and additions from existing clients.

Where can I get the apps to control/see my house from my smart phone?

They can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Android Applications website.

How Can I Get In Touch?

Call (435) 783-5840 and you will probably be speaking with an expert within a few minutes, or fill out the form below and we will contact you. Please specify the times that are best for you.

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